IMUNC had ceased operation after IMUNC 2017. Information on this website may have been outdated. Please contact [email protected] for participation certificate requests and other queries.


1651 days after the submission of the first line of code of iPlacard, the fully-functional Model United Nations Conference Management software by IMUNC is now publicly available. For now on, anyone hosting a MUN conference with less than 150 participants can visit to download and install the source code and use it freely by the license. For those hosting a conference with more than 150 participants, a special license is required from IMUNC.

For the past 4 years and 6 months, iPlacard has been doing exactly the same as the IMUNC Board predicted after IMUNC 2013 – leading the innovation of MUN management. Functions had been added to the system, stretching from a basic management system in version 1.0 and 2.0, to today fully-integrated architecture with iDocument, Info Flow, NFC, etc. The application procedure has been extended from the original IMUNC custom flow of Interview-Choose-Pay to fully customizable policy in interview and seat assigning. The conference experience was greatly improved by these enhancements. Today, Excel is rare in IMUNC as everything with conference management can be done in iPlacard.

While developing iPlacard, we thought about how it can better benefit the MUN community. That’s why we decided to make it publicly available. In the past 5 years, 5000 delegates had the opportunity use the delegate interface of iPlacard. That’s only one sixth of what iPlacard is capable of. Today, we open up the rest five sixth that includes the administration interface. We hope this will help small organizer managing their conference and bring progress to the MUN community.

IMUNC today announces its brand new iSeminar project. As another “i” product that builds the core competitiveness of IMUNC after iCourt, iAchievement, iPlacard and iNformation, iSeminar will be a IMUNC’s latest attempt in online education field. It will integrate current IMUNC non-conference educational resources – Academic Dessert, Academic Salon, and the iXplore program Academic Pioneer to provide the delegates with more systematic and superior online education resources.

IMUNC’s Academic Dessert was created in 2011. Since then, it has attracted thousands of Academic Directors and delegates to participate in it as speakers and audiences. inspiring clashes of idea among the diversity of thoughts and knowledge. On the evenings during our annual conferences, speakers and audiences gather for deep discussion and deliberation on various academic topics. Distinguished from other Model UN events, IMUNC spares the evenings of the annual conferences for Academic Desserts to assist delegates to acquire knowledge beyond their own committees with streamlined courses, and furthermore, to establish an equal and efficient knowledge exchange platform.

On the other hand, since March 2015, Academic Directors from different divisions, different fields and different backgrounds have already brought 50 Academic Salons to participants of Model. Through online communication systems, the speakers have cultivated delegates’ academic spirits through illustration and group discussion on the hot issues in various fields. They have also expanded learning outside the conference rooms and brought about ideas to our delegates on how to put what they have learned in practice. In 2016, IMUNC will launch a customized salon project. It will break physical limitations and connect Academic Directors and delegates. It will also construct a more convenient platform for academic communication for all.

Academic Pioneer is the iXplore program that IMUNC has been researching on and exploring. In a period of 10 weeks, our Academic Directors, with their rich experiences and professional academic backgrounds, will be the lecturers guiding the discussion and providing analyses on specific hotspot issues of world politics, economics, law and philosophy, through online systems. Different from independent Academic Salons and Academic Desserts, a ten-week academic research cycle will enhance delegates’ understanding of professional academic concepts, and apply them in real-life problem solving. Through Academic Pioneer, not only can all participants gain a deeper understanding of cutting-edge academic theories, but they can also enjoy the academic research like undergraduate or even graduate students.

iSeminar represents our first step towards online education. We will keep devoting ourselves to bringing all delegates the best academic knowledge.

Since its inception in June 2015, over one hundred pieces of news and editorials have been published on iNformation, attracting over 10,000 views. The iNformation media website,, went online in October 2015, marking its maturation. Now, let us go back to where we started, and think again about our vision for iNformation.

The world is flat today. Every one of us could get the latest information instantly through newspapers, television, and the Internet. However, we have discovered that most Chinese language media focus on the world they have contact with and offer relevant international news that are of concern to their readers. Our delegates only read news that are about events we, or our country, participate in, but forget about information in Africa, the South Pacific, Liechtenstein, and other parts of the world that are essential for world citizens. The topics of these information range from climate, poverty, to war and conflict. To become a qualified participant of Model UN and a citizen with horizon and vision, our delegates must possess these wisdoms.

At IMUNC, we believe that providing our delegates with a steady flow of world news and editorials in Chinese will help us to reach our goal. When our delegates climb through the well of the “known world” and see the big picture, a revitalization of their views of the world will begin to unfold.

Based on this ideal, iNformation in IMUNC 2016 will, in the following weeks, transform itself to a news platform that offers world news and unique opinions in Chinese. We will gradually expand its coverage, edit and publish less-visited issues including the latest dynamics of world politics, economics, foreign affairs, and law, and extend our vision to the forgotten corners of the world. We will also update our media website,, and provide a smoother and more relevant reading experience.

I Model United Nations (IMUNC) has announced today a major update to its Logo.


The new Logo introduced significant changes. Among these changes, the switch from six hands to five hands holding together was the most notable one. This shift was made to meet IMUNC’s organizational restructuring as the old six-hand represented the initial six committees during IMUNC’s establishment and the new five-hand the current five divisions of IMUNC – Crisis Division, Innovation Division, Law Division, the Secretariat and IT Department. The six-to-five switch marks the continuous growing up of IMUNC.

This key change, after IMUNC became the biggest independent Model United Nations conference in China, will lead all members of IMUNC to adhere IMUNC’s idea of never perfect and start pushing forward towards the upcoming journey, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors & President of IMUNC.

The new Logo will replace the current one after IMUNC 2016 Eastern Regional Conference.

IMUNC is an independent, student-founded, student-run, not-for-profit Model United Nations conference. Founded in 2008, IMUNC has held nine major national conferences and 15 regional conferences, and has become one of the most recognized MUN conferences in China. It designs premium Model United Nations, Mock Trial, Strategic Simulation and other simulation-based activities.

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最后,希望诸位能尽情追逐梦想,Do Better Than Best,愉快地享受这段会期,因为一个诉讼案件的判决结果很可能取决于各位主审法官早餐吃得好坏。

华东政法大学青年法学研究会第十六届会长 程明博


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法学分支(Law Division),拥有与常规会议不同的魅力。“罗马曾三次征服世界,第一次用军队,第二次以宗教,第三次以法律,唯有第三次是和平的,不流血的。”用法律来作为与世界对话的语言,是否能够真正不“战”而屈人之兵,我们不得而知。但我们依然可以相信,法是善良和正义的艺术,而正义和善良永远不会缺席,只会迟到,对个人如此,对团体如此,对国家如此,对世界亦如此。




中国政法大学准律师协会第二十届副会长 胡杨


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当你登上前往北京的火车、再次打开IMUNC的背景文件、开始处理你的第一个“危机”、在Info Flow上读到关于你的新闻、或者递交第一份议案时,我不知道你是否会回望那条把你带到IMUNC的路。对我来说,走上那条路纯属偶然。若不是六年以前一位同学偶然的食物中毒,我便没有机会以替补身份进入模联。若不是因为禽流感的偶然爆发,IMUNC便不至于临时更改主办学校、而同时获得了自己的学术自主权。你今天看到的IMUNC,可谓是一系列机缘巧合的结果。






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