IMUNC had ceased operation after IMUNC 2017. Information on this website may have been outdated. Please contact [email protected] for participation certificate requests and other queries.


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致力于完善会议的学术质量、提供与搭建纯粹的交流和学术平台,爱梦模拟联合国协会(IMUN)在此荣幸地宣布,我们将与闪亮之梦模拟联合国大会于 2017 年 1 月 21 日 ~ 1 月 24 日共同举办爱梦模拟联合国协会2017华北分会暨“闪亮之梦”北方分会。

爱梦模拟联合国协会(IMUNC)是学生独立运营的、不以营利为目的的社团类模联组织,成立于 2008 年,九年来已相继举办过 9 次全国会议和 15 次地区分会。爱梦拥有其独创的联动体系,一支专业化的法学分支学术团队和以真实世界模拟为原则的创新分支,并坚持“通过高质量的活动来联系、教育和激发最伟大的青年人——每人、每校、每个社区”。九年来,爱梦本着“Better than Best”的理念,以“帮助代表成为更好的自己”为宗旨,为近 5000 名模联爱好者提供了高质量的模联学术活动。

“闪亮之梦”全国中学生模拟联合国大会(BDMUNC)自 2010 年创立以来,在“非营利”、“广泛参与度”、“高参会体验度”的三大核心理念的指导下,竭力为国内中学生打造一个低参会门槛、高性价比体验的模拟联合国会议平台。目前已成功举办 6 届寒假会议、2 届北方分会及 4 届暑期会议,为近 5000 名代表带去了的优质的会议体验。“闪亮之梦”致力于搭建风格严谨、氛围自由的模联学术平台,在六年多的发展过程中,涌现出了一批题材新颖独特,学术特色鲜明的优秀模联会场。

这是 IMUNC 与 BDMUNC 在达成战略行学术合作后的首次会议。双方将精心筹备,派出最优秀的学术团队携手合作。我们力求为代表带来全真世界模拟的会议,增加代表的参与度,提升代表的参会体验。



IMUNC has updated the IMUNC 2016 Conference Brochure on April 15. The new version, 8.2.0, includes important changes in academic design and other aspects. All IMUNC 2016 delegates and applicants are encouraged to visit this page to read the changelog and download the latest Conference Brochure.

The online phone interview process of IMUNC 2016 has already begun. Per our tradition, we will hold in-person interview sessions in April. Each of these sessions will include multiple interviewers from the Crisis Division, the Innovation Division, and the Law Division, in order to more comprehensively evaluate the candidate and provide relevant guidance. This year, in-person interview sessions will expand to include, aside from Beijing, Tianjin, Wuxi and Macau. The detailed plans are as follows:

Macau In-persion Interview Session
March 27, All Day
Graduate Apartment, Macau University
Tianjin In-person Interview Session
April 2, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
GENSTIME, GENSBOX, Nankai University
Wuxi In-person Interview Session
April 3, All Day
International Department, Jiangsu Tianyi High School
Beijing In-person Interview Session
April 4, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Room 1620, New Main Building, Beijing Normal University
In the following days, we will send applicants from these cities who have confirmed that they are willing to attend in-person interviews invitations. We also welcome all applicants from these cities to go and join the sessions. If you participate in the sessions in Macau and Wuxi, please send an email to [email protected] noting your time of arrival in advance. We will then reply with relevant information. Meanwhile, we also welcome those who have not applied to join our interview sessions. They can fill out the application form after the interview.

IMUNC is now accepting delegate application for IMUNC 2016. Applicants may visit this page for online application form. In the meantime, an updated version of Conference Brochure containing application procedure has been released.

Differ from usual, the application of observer, volunteer and teacher has been delayed to June 1 this year. Detail information will be released when it comes.

Happy Lantern Festival!

We were able to announce officially that IMUNC 2016 will be held from July 28 to July 31 at Beijing Friendship Hotel. Compare to our usual period in previous years, we have to put this year’s conference slightly forward to meet a scheduling conflict at Beijing Friendship Hotel. Detailed information will be released in an update of Conference Brochure on March 1.

IMUNC has released the brochure for its ninth annual conference on the first day of 2016. IMUNC 2016 Conference Brochure is now available for download.

With the technology advanced by the introduction of iDocument that virtually took over all the typesetting process this year, we were able to devote more of our efforts in contents of the brochure. As a result, IMUNC 2016 Conference Brochure will be provided in a bilingual way. 2 editions of the brochure, Chinese and English, are now available for download at this page.