IMUNC had ceased operation after IMUNC 2017. Information on this website may have been outdated. Please contact [email protected] for participation certificate requests and other queries.

Social Responsibility

IMUNC understands the social responsibility it shoulders clearly as a social entrepreneurship. Our delegates come from various regions of China, a developing country struggling with regional inequality and economic inflation. We are responsible for providing the best events to great young minds and make sure they get real improvements through this process. Therefore, we try our very best to provide everyone equal opportunities and provide accommodations for disadvantaged groups.

Some of IMUNC’s delegates come from the least developed regions of China. For them, buying a suit comes at great cost, not to mention their spending on transportation. Therefore, starting from 2009, IMUNC allows delegates to participate in our events without formal attire. This may come weird to outside observers, but we shared the belief that is mentioned in Google’s core value: “You can be serious without a suit”.

We also realize that our conference fee may be a burden to certain delegates. Therefore, starting 2011, we provide financial aid to delegates with financial difficulties. We give our highest respect to delegates’ privacy, and we do not reveal information regarding our financial aid programs and its recipients. In 2013, 2% of IMUNC’s participants received full reimbursement for conference fee and an additional 3% of our participants received some form of financial aid. In 2014 and 2015, 3% of our participants received full coverage for their conference fee. In 2016, we will provide 4% of our participants with full conference fee waiver. For details on financial aids, please refer to Financial Aid section.

Furthermore, we design IMUNC Regional Conferences that come at an even more reasonable price with the same academic design as the National Conference, allowing more delegates to get involved in our events.