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IMUNC announces important updates on iNformation

IMUNC announces important updates on iNformation

Since its inception in June 2015, over one hundred pieces of news and editorials have been published on iNformation, attracting over 10,000 views. The iNformation media website,, went online in October 2015, marking its maturation. Now, let us go back to where we started, and think again about our vision for iNformation.

The world is flat today. Every one of us could get the latest information instantly through newspapers, television, and the Internet. However, we have discovered that most Chinese language media focus on the world they have contact with and offer relevant international news that are of concern to their readers. Our delegates only read news that are about events we, or our country, participate in, but forget about information in Africa, the South Pacific, Liechtenstein, and other parts of the world that are essential for world citizens. The topics of these information range from climate, poverty, to war and conflict. To become a qualified participant of Model UN and a citizen with horizon and vision, our delegates must possess these wisdoms.

At IMUNC, we believe that providing our delegates with a steady flow of world news and editorials in Chinese will help us to reach our goal. When our delegates climb through the well of the “known world” and see the big picture, a revitalization of their views of the world will begin to unfold.

Based on this ideal, iNformation in IMUNC 2016 will, in the following weeks, transform itself to a news platform that offers world news and unique opinions in Chinese. We will gradually expand its coverage, edit and publish less-visited issues including the latest dynamics of world politics, economics, foreign affairs, and law, and extend our vision to the forgotten corners of the world. We will also update our media website,, and provide a smoother and more relevant reading experience.