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Academic Salon plan of March 2016 released

Academic Salon plan of March 2016 released

As Christina Rossetti said, Spring is when life’s alive in everything. The same goes to IMUNC, as the Application of IMUNC 2016 will open today, and 6 Academic Salons have been planned for March.

Salon Topic Keynote Speaker Time
“How We Shall Feed Ourselves Without Food Coupon”: On the Twofold Transition of China’s Economy Qingyu Liu Sat Mar 12 20:00~21:30
Civil Law and Dharma Yusen Long Sat Mar 19 20:00~21:30
On the Reform of Management Policy towards Foreigners in China Yixuan Sun Sun Mar 20 20:00~21:30
Supreme Court during the New Deal: from Charles Hughes to Fred Vinson Yunpeng Zhang Sat Mar 26 20:30~22:00*
On the Exchange Rate of RMB Bowen Jin Sun Mar 27 15:30~17:00
Security Council through Official Webpage, also on the Interview of IMUNC Crisis Division Haoyu Zheng Sun Mar 27 20:00~21:30

* Differ from normal time period to meet a timezone difference of the keynote speaker.

Join the Salon

IMUNC 2016 Academic Salons are held in the following QQ Groups:

  • IMUNC Academic Salon (IMUNC 学术沙龙), No. 141525294;
  • IMUNC Law Division Academic Salon (IMUNC 法学学术沙龙), No. 124770710.

Information on the upcoming salons will be announced, as well as materials including notes, handouts and PowerPoints will be uploaded in the group.

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IMUNC provides Academic Salon calendar subscription in both CalDAV and RSS Feed format, allowing the latest plan to be displayed in your calendar and reader APP upon subscription.