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Customized Academic Salon plan for ICEMUN released

Customized Academic Salon plan for ICEMUN released

IMUNC has announced three customized Academic Salons for ICEMUN following our cooperation statement.

Salon Topic Keynote Speaker Time
The “Legacy” of USSR: Ethnic Disputes and Regional Conflicts Junyi Zhang Sat Jan 9 20:00~21:30
The Applicability of History on Territorial Claims Yiding Liu Sun Jan 10 15:30~17:00
Champ, Conflit, Code Xinxin Xu Sun Jan 10 20:00~21:30

These customized Academic Salons will all be held in IMUNC Academic Salon QQ group to avoid repeated joining request. We will announce more Academic Salons in this (or the coming) winter vacation. Please stay tuned for updates on our website, public WeChat and calendar.

Join the Salon

IMUNC 2016 Academic Salons are held in the following QQ Groups:

  • IMUNC Academic Salon (IMUNC 学术沙龙), No. 141525294;
  • IMUNC Law Division Academic Salon (IMUNC 法学学术沙龙), No. 124770710.

Information on the upcoming salons will be announced, as well as materials including notes, handouts and PowerPoints will be uploaded in the group.

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IMUNC provides Academic Salon calendar subscription in both CalDAV and RSS Feed format, allowing the latest plan to be displayed in your calendar and reader APP upon subscription.