IMUNC had ceased operation after IMUNC 2017. Information on this website may have been outdated. Please contact [email protected] for participation certificate requests and other queries.


IMUNC will continue to improve our renowned academic design in 2016. IMUNC 2016 will include 15 committees, 543 delegates and over 80 Academic Directors.

Committee Name Division Size Working Language Note
European Branch Crisis Division 34 English / Chinese Cabinet & Delegation
Asia Branch Crisis Division 37 English / Chinese Cabinet & Delegation
Americas Branch Crisis Division 15 English / Chinese Cabinet & Delegation
UN Security Council Crisis Division 34 English / Chinese Dual Delegate & Delegation
League of Arab States Crisis Division 32 English / Chinese Single Delegate
European Union Crisis Division 29 English / Chinese Single Delegate
Media & Press Crisis Division 54 English / Chinese Delegation
United Nations Development Programme Innovation Division 72 Chinese Dual Delegate
2015 Asia Security Summit Innovation Division 52 Chinese Single Delegate
2016 G20 Summit Innovation Division 54 Chinese Dual Delegate
13th Cross-Strait Goods Trade Agreement Negotiation Innovation Division 32 Chinese Dual Delegate
1792 Legislative Assembly of the Kingdom of France Innovation Division 50 Chinese Single Delegate
Supreme Court of the US Law Division 19 Chinese Mock Court
xCourt Law Division 19 Chinese Mock Court
China Rule of Law and Society Committee Law Division 22 Chinese Legislation Workshop