IMUNC had ceased operation after IMUNC 2017. Information on this website may have been outdated. Please contact for participation certificate requests and other queries.


Our mission: to connect, educate, and inspire great young minds through the highest quality events, one person, one school, one community at a time. It has always been, and will always be, about helping you to become better than best.

IMUNC Mission Statement

An extra-curricular activity – and more so Model UN – means something more than just a hobby or an involvement for its many participants across a developing China. It is a platform for communication, and everyone can find the unique meaning of Model UN to themselves. This platform may be an accumulation of academic knowledge, an incubator for leadership skills, or a vision for the unlimited future.

What we believe about Model UN is that it is not about teaching one how to debate, utilizing the rules of procedure of the United Nations and clauses of law, or analyzing politics and international affairs at all. It has become more than an academic activity, something that tries to guide you to alter the solidified mode of thinking and change the world. Life is more than enduring hardship and getting good grades: it is full of unimagined challenges and possibilities. Here, you will meet the best of your peers, encounter the most challenging tasks, but you will also stand at the forefront of our times and explore the true meaning of Model UN and Mock Trial. The future is in your hands.

This is our ninth year as a conference, an experiment, a not-for-profit and a social entrepreneurship. We will make every effort to provide you with the best academic design and the fullest logistics support to help you find people who share your interest and discover your dream of becoming a better version of yourself. We intend to continue our quest – will you join us?