Honorable Faculty Advisors and Parents,

Dear Presidents of Model United Nations associations and delegates,

Welcome to IMUNC 2016, the 9th annual conference of IMUNC. On behalf of the organizing team of IMUNC, I invite you and members of your school’s Model United Nations Association and Moot Court Society to participate in I Model United Nations Conference (IMUNC) 2016 Annual Conference. Our conference will take place from July 28 to July 31 at Beijing Friendship Hotel. There will be over six hundred delegates, academic directors, observers and volunteers joining our conference.

IMUNC was founded in 2008, and it all began with a phone call in a subway station. Since then, IMUNC has never stopped on its path to the future and to perfection. In the past eight years, IMUNC has evolved from a regional conference in Beijing with 40 delegates to a national conference with over 600 participants. Delegates from over 100 high schools and universities and overseas institutions have witnessed with us the growth of IMUNC in these years. It has transcended from the dream of a few Model United Nations participants to the dream of the youth of this era. It represents more than adherence to the highest academic standards and innovation of concepts in Model United Nations conferences, but an attitude of becoming better than the best and the pursuit of perfection. In those eight years, numerous passionate and dedicated Model United Nations participants pursued their dreams, overcame difficulties, and enumerated all the impossibles, on the stage of IMUNC. The first participants of IMUNC may have already started their professional career, and the latest delegates may have just began high school, but the spirit of IMUNC, becoming better than the best, always connects each and every participant.

Our mission is to connect, educate, and inspire great young minds through the highest quality events, one person, one school, one community at a time. It has always been, and will always be, about helping you to become better than best. Our goal is to provide limitless opportunities for every participant, guide them to discover their unlimited potential, and lead them to create infinite possibilities. At IMUNC, no matter the country or the role you represent is big or small, strong or weak, you will always have the equal opportunity to express your opinion. At IMUNC, you no longer need to reiterate set resolutions, as you will be exploring innovative ways to resolve international crisis. At IMUNC, you need not be bound by rigid rules, and will be able to freely discuss international politics, philosophy or law in depth. We help delegates to better prepare the conference through interviews, Background Guides and Updates, connect delegates with academic directors through organizing group discussions and establishing delegate experience feedback mechanisms, and provide opportunity for everyone who has a dream through providing financial aids. On the stage of IMUNC, no matter who you are, we will help you to become a better you.

The key to the future is in your hand. Please join us on a journey to your dream: IMUNC 2016.

In the end, we would like to quote again the motto for every member of IMUNC:

If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.

James Cameron, Director of Titanic and Avatar

We welcome you to continue to follow us, understand us better by reading our academic materials, and join our conference. You can get our latest update on our official website, or contact us via email:

Yingjie Fan
Executive President, IMUNC 2016
On behalf of the Board of Directors of IMUNC

IMUNC 2016 Invites You
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