IMUNC announces iSeminar

IMUNC announces iSeminar

IMUNC today announces its brand new iSeminar project. As another “i” product that builds the core competitiveness of IMUNC after iCourt, iAchievement, iPlacard and iNformation, iSeminar will be a IMUNC’s latest attempt in online education field. It will integrate current IMUNC non-conference educational resources – Academic Dessert, Academic Salon, and the iXplore program Academic Pioneer to provide the delegates with more systematic and superior online education resources.

IMUNC’s Academic Dessert was created in 2011. Since then, it has attracted thousands of Academic Directors and delegates to participate in it as speakers and audiences. inspiring clashes of idea among the diversity of thoughts and knowledge. On the evenings during our annual conferences, speakers and audiences gather for deep discussion and deliberation on various academic topics. Distinguished from other Model UN events, IMUNC spares the evenings of the annual conferences for Academic Desserts to assist delegates to acquire knowledge beyond their own committees with streamlined courses, and furthermore, to establish an equal and efficient knowledge exchange platform.

On the other hand, since March 2015, Academic Directors from different divisions, different fields and different backgrounds have already brought 50 Academic Salons to participants of Model. Through online communication systems, the speakers have cultivated delegates’ academic spirits through illustration and group discussion on the hot issues in various fields. They have also expanded learning outside the conference rooms and brought about ideas to our delegates on how to put what they have learned in practice. In 2016, IMUNC will launch a customized salon project. It will break physical limitations and connect Academic Directors and delegates. It will also construct a more convenient platform for academic communication for all.

Academic Pioneer is the iXplore program that IMUNC has been researching on and exploring. In a period of 10 weeks, our Academic Directors, with their rich experiences and professional academic backgrounds, will be the lecturers guiding the discussion and providing analyses on specific hotspot issues of world politics, economics, law and philosophy, through online systems. Different from independent Academic Salons and Academic Desserts, a ten-week academic research cycle will enhance delegates’ understanding of professional academic concepts, and apply them in real-life problem solving. Through Academic Pioneer, not only can all participants gain a deeper understanding of cutting-edge academic theories, but they can also enjoy the academic research like undergraduate or even graduate students.

iSeminar represents our first step towards online education. We will keep devoting ourselves to bringing all delegates the best academic knowledge.